1. Global Rules

1.1. General

The league administration has the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fairplay.


1.2 Conduct

The conduct must follow official ubisoft rules of conduct listed here :


1.3. Matches

Every matches need to be play at the right time on the right day. The bracket will be available on the Northern Arena website and you must follow the following rules. Only the five (5) players can participate in a match. The substitute cannot enter mid game. Also no observers are allowed in the game. Only the ten (10) players playing are allowed.


1.3.2. Match Times

Matches must be played at the scheduled time. Teams will have a 15 minute grace period after their scheduled time to get all of the required players into the server and start the match. If a team fails to join by the time the grace period ends, the other team may request a forfeit win.


1.3.3 Creating the match

The match creation must follow the selection on The map that will be played are the map and mode provided by, you can’t change the map nor the mod even if both teams agree to.


1.3.4. Match Results

Matches must be reported by the winning team immediately following the completion of their game. Match reports must include the map score(s) and all results must be reported maximum 10 minutes after the game.


1.3.5. Game break

Teams may have up to a 5 minute break between each game if they wish to do so.


1.3.6. Disconnect

Northern Arena is not responsible for any in-game deconnection. If is occurs the disconnected play need to come back to the game as soon as possible. Even if one (1) left the match will continue. If one (1) team has a problem with connection. Northern Arena gives a 10 minutes break in between games to correct the issue. After that delay the match needs to continue. Even if the problem isn’t fix.


1.4. Game / client

All external voice programs are allowed (e.g. Teamspeak, Ventrilo etc.). Scripts and changes to the game’s configuration are allowed. Programs that provide an advantage during game play (e.g. drivers that allow the removing of walls) are forbidden. Any programs that change the game itself are forbidden.


1.5. Language

The official language is English and French. All players should be able to communicate in both and to do so.


1.6 Time zone

Every matches will be played on EST time


2. Fraud/deception

2.1. Deception

The attempt to deceive admins or other players with wrong or fake statements, information or data will not be tolerated.


2.2. Cheating

All forms of cheating in Northern Arena matches are forbidden and will be penalized by the Northern Arena. Moss anti-cheat is required.


2.3. Match-Fixing/betting fraud

Engaging in any action that improperly influences the outcome of a game or match by any means is forbidden.


2.4. Doping

Any kind of doping is forbidden.


2.5. Competition manipulation and bribery

Bribing or attempting to bribe a referee or organizer or trying to manipulate the competition is forbidden.


2.6 Use Bugs and Glitches

The intentional usage of bugs and glitches is strictly forbidden.


2.7. Consequences

If any of the rules above are broken, if its the player’s fault the player will be disqualified from the whole tournament. If it’s the team fault, the whole team will be disqualified.


3. Teams

3.1. Teams names

Names which are restricted by law will not be accepted and will be deleted and punished with penalty points if found. Also, names which go against all forms of etiquette and good manors will not be accepted..

The logo must represent the team and have some reference to the team’s name or to the team’s short handle. Copyrighted logos, or logos which go against etiquette and good manors will not be accepted.


3.2.2. Team nationality

All participating players must be canadian resident.


3.2.3. Players in team

A player may only play for one team during the tournament. Players must register through the Northern Arena website. We allow five (5) official players and one (1) substitute. Someone that is not in the official six (6) isn’t allowed to play under any circumstances. If two (2) players are unavailable, you can still play the match but only the official roaster can play.


4. Point system

Points will be awarded at the end of each week in this format

1st   25 pts
2nd   18 pts
3rd   15 pts
4th   12 pts
5th   10 pts
5th   10 pts
7th   6 pts
7th   6 pts
9th   2 pts
9th   2 pts
9th   2 pts
9th   2 pts


5. Prize pool

Weekly prize pool – $1,250

1st : $600

2nd : $400

3rd : $250

Live grand final – $15,000

1st : $10,000

2nd : $5,000