If you are Canadian but live in another country, can you still take part?

No, you must be Canadian and currently hold residence in Canada

When does registration close each week?

Registration will close at noon on January 12, 19, 28 and February 2

What time will matches start each week?

Matches are scheduled to start at 6pm ET on January 13, 20, 29 and February 3

What is the age restriction for participants?

All players must be over the age of 18 by January 12th in order to participate

How many rounds per match?

Each match will be determined by BO3 

What do I do when I have issues with a match?

Any issues with the match (i.e not starting the map veto, opponents not reacting or starting at the schedule match time, or any other issues warranting a protest, please email rainbowsix@northernarena.ca with your issue, time and opponent details.

Do all my teammates need to register on the site?

Yes, all team members needs to be registered on the website in order for your team to be eligible for the circuit.