Northern Arena Montreal CS GO: Day 3 Wrap

optic gaming vs g2 esports

The Bell Centre awaits two of the four teams that have lived on to play the semi-final matches of Northern Arena Montreal.

The stage was set for an epic showdown between G2 and EnVyUs, as the French CS throne has remained without a king for some time now.  Overpass would see the first action in this best-of-three semi-final, and there was plenty to talk about as the game finished in overtime after 40 rounds of play.  G2 would emerge victorious, with Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro, Richard ‘shox’ Papillon, and Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom making huge individual plays to take the advantage in the series.  

It wouldn’t have been a match at Northern Arena Montreal if Nuke was left out now would it?  Though Team EnVyUs saw success against Complexity and OpTic on Nuke thus far, this pick was a bold move to say the least as G2 have looked very strong before on this map.  G2 wouldn’t miss a stride, as they harnessed the momentum they had built in the overtime rounds on the previous map to take both Nuke and the series from the boys in blue.  Though it certainly wasn’t the path they’d have liked to have taken, G2 eSports have booked themselves a spot in the Grand Finals at the Bell Centre.

In the other semi-final, a tale was told of two teams on the brink of being considered top teams, not only in their region but globally as well.  Heroic and OpTic would duke it out in a three map affair, where OpTic would select Cache, Heroic would pick Mirage, and Cobblestone would be left over.  OpTic have fit the stereotype of being a North American team that is decent at Cache regionally but struggle in international play, but appeared confident in their ability to duel 1 on 1 against Heroic.  Óscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas has been giving the rifle a go lately, but his AWP doesn’t appear to have suffered as he helped the #Greenwall take a 16-10 win.

Heroic would bounce back on Mirage, as they looked confident in their map choice.  This confidence was evident as a key force buy win in round two would start them on course to their 16-8 win.  This would send things to a third map, where OpTic would find strength in their offensive executions to shut down the Danes by a shattering score of 16-4.  Once again, Heroic will find themselves just on the outside of a large-scale LAN final.  OpTic on the other hand have clinched the berth that they’ve been searching for.  

G2 and OpTic will face off at the Bell Centre in the Northern Arena Montreal Grand Finals on Sunday.  Stay tuned on social media for updates, as this match is one you don’t want to miss.  Neither team has anything to win directly over the other; however, this win would be huge for both organizations.  OpTic would finally be able to be thrown in the conversation when talking about top teams, and G2 would be able to lay claim to the French crown that they held only so briefly from Team EnVyUs.