Announcing The Northern Arena BEAT Dota 2 Invitational

Welcoming All BEAT Invitational Fans to Northern Arena

The Canadian League of Gamers and BEAT Gaming Corp. have partnered together to organize a $100,000 Dota 2 Tournament in Montreal.

The Northern Arena BEAT Invitational Montreal 2016 will host 8 professional Dota 2 teams who will compete for a total of $100,000 in prizes from November 11-13, 2016. The event will be casted by Moonduck Studios, who have worked on Dota 2 events such as The International, Captain’s Draft, and the Dota 2 Canada Cup.

These details aren’t set in stone yet but ideally the tournament will consist of 6-7 invited teams and 1-2 qualified teams. Details on venue will be released soon! Be sure to sign up for the qualifier if you think your team has what it takes!

Schedule for Northern Arena BEAT Invitational Montreal 2016 Qualifiers

Start times:

Day 1 – Saturday, September 17 @ 2 PM EST

  • Rounds 256, 128, 64, 32, 16 (All BO1 Matches)

Day 2 – Sunday, September 18 @ 2 PM EST

  • Round of 8 (BO3 Matches)
  • Final 4 (BO3 Matches)
  • Finals (Top 2 teams will advance to the main qualifiers which take place on September 19th through 30th.)

About the Canadian League of Gamers

In 2015, Carl-Edwin Michel and Greg Spievak brought to life the Canadian League of Gamers, a world-class venture for professional gamers, fans, broadcasters and sponsors within the rapidly growing Canadian esports market. The league hosts the largest live streamed LAN events in the nation, viewed by mass audiences live in person and online across the globe. The goal is to bring professional and potentially-professional gamers together in a structured and professionally managed league that serves as a credible platform to help Esports grow specifically in Canada and North America as well as throughout the world.

About BEAT Gaming Corp.

Originally founded in 2015, BEAT Gaming Corp. has hosted numerous successful tournaments including the former Dota 2 Canada Cup and Overwatch BEAT Invitational. BEAT Gaming Corp. originally started off as a forum platform for Canadians to discuss Dota 2. Their very first tournament had a viewership of only 20 people and their prize pool consisted of only $10. They are a perfect example of how quickly the esports industry is growing and will continue to grow in the future. After 8 successful seasons, BEAT Gaming Corp. is ready to become a major player within esports internationally.